In 2021, the Branson-Hollister Rotary Club celebrates its 80th anniversary, making it the oldest and largest in our area. With over 90 members, we have provided the Branson community (and surrounding areas) with thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars in donations to area non-profits.

The continued involvement of our Past Presidents provides the Club with a strong framework of history, dedication and focus on our mission of "Service Above Self".

Our Club also celebrates Rotarians who go above and beyond with our Rotarian of the Year award and businesses who have partnered with us to serve the community with our Business of the Year award.


The Branson-Hollister Rotary Club was formed on June 25, 1941. We were sponsored by the Rotary Club of Harrison, Arkansas. Just like at the other levels of Rotary, leadership changes on July 1 and all Board Members are volunteers. 

Past Presidents
Rotarian of the Year
Business of the Year


  • Our 2020-21 Club President is Greg Baker and he, along with the other leadership of the club can help answer any questions you may have about our club and its policies.
  • Your membership is for you, not your company. You are welcome to bring guests from your company, but you cannot send people “in your place” to attend meetings or events for you.
  • We encourage every member to participate in our club events, district events and national events.
  • Every member is expected to be an ACTIVE and PARTICIPATING member in our club. The BEST way to build relationships in this club is not just during lunch. It is serving alongside members or participating in our club events.
  • Each member is required to be an active part of a club committee. If you want to be involved in a particular committee, ask President Greg where you can get involved.
  • Members are required to have at least 50% attendance. We prefer to have you attend our club, but if you are traveling, you can make up at any Rotary Club in the world. There are also several Rotary Clubs that meet on other days in the Branson area where you can make up. Check the back of our printed announcements for a local list. (There is a Rotary Club locator app available for your phone.)
  • We encourage our members to donate to the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus on an annual basis. There is even an option to have an automatic withdrawl set up. You can ask the Foundation Chair about the Foundation and how to donate.
  •  The Sergeant of Arms may fine you for any reason. Any cell phone ringing during the meeting is an automatic $10 fine. Don’t forget to put them on silent…



PAST PRESIDENTS (*still active)

2019-2020 LaDella Thomas*

2018-2019 Steve Green

2017-2018  Becky Harmon*

2016-2017 Jeff Bilberry

2015-2016 Jeff Long

2014-2015 Janet Akers*

2013-2014 Tom Moore

2012-2013 Chip Arnette*

2011-2012 Craig Richards

2010-2011 Gordon Weathers

2009-2010 Shawn Pingleton*

2008-2009 Sherry Devore*

2007-2008 Troy Hill

2006-2007 Steve Harris

2005-2006 Stan Bess

2004-2005 Richard Bottorf*

2003-2004 Karen Hall*

2002-2003 Tom Boyce

2001-2002 John Akers*

2000-2001 Arno Wehr III*

1999-2000 Sandy Bruns

1998-1999 Lee Orth

1997-1998 Cy Murray*

1996-1997 Kevin Huddleston

1995-1996 Gaye Lisby

1994-1995 Mike Zirbel

1993-1994 David Arney*

1992-1993 Jim Justus*

1991-1992 Ed Michel

1990-1991 Bob Abbot

1989-1990 Marvin Oetting

1988-1989 Jeff Justus*

1987-1988 Tom Cox

1986-1987 Bob Weaton

1985-1986 Garry Carriger

1984-1985 Doug Gerard*

1983-1984 Edd Akers*

1982-1983 David Eblen

1981-1982 Wayne Huddleston

1980-1981 Arno Wehr II*

1979-1980 Darrell Testerman

1978-1979 Ray Wilson

1977-1978 Ben Gaines

1976-1977 Orville Barton

1975-1976 Bill Todd

1974-1975 Joe Buzan

1973-1974 Charles Hackett

1972-1973 Walter Hammers

1971-1972 Charles Winston

1970-1971 Dolphys Howe

1969-1970 Stanley Fry

1968-1969 Walter Cobb

1967-1968 Wayne Feruson


2020 Michael Franklin*

2019 Sherry DeVore*

2018  Jeff Bilberry*

2017 Mona Menezes

2016 Becky Harmon*

2015 LaDella Thomas*

2014 Ladona Weathers

2013 Katie Hodges*

2012 Jeff Long*

2011 Janet Akers*

2010 Tom Moore

2009 Laura Paramore

2007 Michael Capps

2006 Karen Hall*

2005 Gordon Weathers

2004 Shawn Pingleton*

2003 Al Waller*

2002 Jim Langham

2001 Steve Harris



2020 Branson Schools

2019 Radisson Hotel Branson

2018  Branson Airport

2017 Branson Tri-Lakes News

2016 IMAX Entertainment Complex (ITEC Entertainment)

2015 Barbara Fairchild Show

2014 K & R Electric

2013 Golden Corral

2012 Creative Printing

2011 Golden Corral

2010 Tatman's Fine Jewelry

2009 Bob Evans

2008 McDonald's

2007 Titanic

2006 Stone Hill Winery

2005 Ozark Mountain Bank

2004 Country Mart


Weekly Speakers
Club Events

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